Experience & Events

Law Abiding Citizen


"Law Abiding Citizen: Consciously Lawful" raises community awareness and understanding of individual rights while providing tips for dealing with the legal system and law enforcement. Held at the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law, and featuring notable panelists such as Judge Joe Brown, Judge Tarik Sugarmon, and several well respected area attorneys, "Law Abiding Citizen" gives the community opportunities to ask legal professionals some very real questions--free. 

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Community Service & Outreach


Community outreach is a major priority for the Masterminds organization, and Mo has led several initiatives to increase volunteerism outside of the holiday season, during which there is overwhelming support. Her goal is to increase awareness around the need for social engagement and assistance year round, supporting area nursing homes, Habitat for Humanity, FedEx Family House, and other community organizations and schools.

Strategic Consulting


Mo has acted as strategic consultant for several area businesses of varying industries, advising and creating content/documentation to enhance social media strategy, financial planning, websites, events, strategic partnerships, and more! Companies and business owners Mo has worked with include:  

just to name a few.

Consulting for Kids Too!


As consultant for the Bowfriends, Mo helped Paris and Destiny, best friends and kidpreneurs realize their dreams of owning their own business. The pair were featured on several television shows, including "Good Morning Memphis" and "The Shania Show" and had the opportunity to work with former Miss Europe pageant winner and SayFt. philanthropist Anastasia Domashova.

World Traveler


Mo's studies, project management work, and consulting has taken her all over the globe. This enables her to understand and embrace cultural differences and diversity in thought. She has explored and studied in such countries as England, Italy, and Scotland. She was also in London during the historic Brexit vote. Other places of travel include the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong, and the list continues to grow. Needless to say, she's traveled quite a bit within the US as well.

Campaign Advising


Acting as campaign advisor and web master for Judge Sugarmon's campaign for Juvenile Court Judge in 2014, Mo brought genuine enthusiasm and energy to the campaign team, helping Judge Sugarmon reach a broader audience by appealing to Millennials and educating them on the power of their vote.

Detailed Services

Career Planning

Is it time for a change? Masterminds, LLC. can help you with resume building, interviewing techniques, and negotiation skills as apart of your career planning. Take control of your future with customized options to suit your professional needs.

Speaking Engagements

Do you need to re-energize your team or class? Mo brings a contagious passion to her speaking that will captivate and motivate your audience! Topics include professional and personal development, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy.

Corporate Presentations/Events

Looking to impress the executive team, the CEO himself, or persuade a group of potential investors? Let Masterminds, LLC. help you to create and present a professional presentation that is clear, concise, and engaging. 

Events, too.


Every business deal requires the added security of a contract. Don't know the first thing about creating one? Want something specific to your needs instead of a generic template? Masterminds, LLC. can help. Contracts can be generated in as little time as 24 hours, pending the project. (i.e. business partnerships, client services, etc.)

Financial Literacy Courses

Masterminds, LLC's top priority is educating the community and increasing financial literacy, particularly for the youth. Public classes are offered on an ad hoc bases, but you can also reach out to us to schedule private financial literacy courses for your school, church, family, or community.


Need to revitalize your brand? Masterminds, LLC. has a strong knowledge base in branding, and, paired with our strategic partnerships, we are able to offer unique branding packages to catapult your business from good to GREAT! (includes website building/design, search engine optimization, PR services, social media branding, business model/strategy, market expansion, and more)